Have Some Questions?

We bet that they've been asked before, or at least something similar. But hey, if we don't answer your question below or you don't even want to read them, just ask us.


Is my idea safe with you?

We take your ideas seriously. Along with every contract, we also include a non-disclosure that protects both your information and ours. There is no need to worry about idea theft. If you'd like us to sign a non-disclosure prior to sharing your idea, we can also do that, just check the box on the contact form that you'd like a NDA.

Can you sign our NDA?

Our NDA was reviewed by a third party lawyer to protect both interested parties. The cost of having a lawyer review NDAs for every client would be far too pricey, so the short answer is no. Don't worry - your idea is safe with us.

Legal Jargon

Are your contracts going to gouge me?

No way. We pride ourselves on the fairness of our contracts. They are easy to read, don't have hidden clauses, and lay everything out so that a human can read them. A contract is only written as a guideline for if something bad happens, and we want to protect both you and ourselves if something bad does happen. If you'd like a sample contract, let us know.

Will you sign my contract instead?

Similarly to our foreign NDA policy, we simplydo not have the legal capacity to

Designers and Developers

Who actually builds my products?

Jetrail works with a collection of designers and developers with a process designed to minimize costs and maximize quality. A majority of the work will be completed by designers and developers right here in the United States. For the more time-consuming programming, we work with highly-trained partners that complete projects for us. This formula is what lets us bring you such amazing prices.


How do I get a project quoted?

Once you fill out our quote application, we will have a conversation with you about your product, asking all of the right questions to understand the full scope of the project. We then pour over your idea and figure out the most efficient way to build it. Within 48 hours, we will return you a fixed-price quote for the features we discussed.

What if my idea changes?

We understand. Ideas morph over time. Some changes are much more trivial and will be done free of charge, but if there is a large feature change, we will have to have it quoted and paid for before building it. If you're curious about certain instances, just ask us.

How often will you give me updates?

The short answer is, as often as you would like. At the beginning of every project, we make sure to find your comfort level of frequency and then we will stick with that through the whole project. That can be as often as once-a-day or infrequent as once-a-week. It's up to you.


Do we owe you anything up front?

Yes. The payment plan is different for most projects and is outlined in the contract, but all projects will require a small payment up front.

What if we don't like your work?

If at any point you think that we are better off not working together - for whatever reason - our working contract can be terminated. Our payment plans are designed to cover costs up front, so you would simply notify us of your decision and we will terminate the project, delivery your code and we can both move onward.

What are your rates?

Every single project is quoted uniquely. We pride ourselves on providing quotes that accurately reflect the level of difficulty involved in each component of your project. These numbers may help though:
Ecommerce Sites: From $1,500 up to $40,000
Mobile Apps: From $5,000 up to $40,000
Basic Webpages: From $1,000 up to $5,000
Graphic Design: From $500 up to $4,000