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The Jetrail Story

"A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street."

-Doug Linder

Jetrail Development was formed out of a realization that hiring a development team can be quite tricky, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the industry. You aren’t quite sure what questions to ask, what the best answer would even be, and what is actually going to happen during your project. Jetrail is rooted in helping bring peace of mind to clients as their projects come to life.

Not only can building stuff on the internet be complicated and confusing, it can be downright expensive. We prefer working with smaller companies and focus on your bottom-line, because we understand where you’re coming from. We are a network of freelance designers and developers that have optimized the workflow of projects to minimize the hours pushing pixels and writing code. The end result? A much cheaper bill for our clients.

In 2015, Jetrail Development opened up its inbox for clients and has been building ever since. With a network of roughly 30 folks, our capabilities are nearly endless. Clients come to us at various stages and with all types of projects. We are more than happy to welcome any project that we can jump into with you!

The Team


Jake L.

Owner / Project Manager

A Buckeye at heart, and a Seattle transplant with a passion for building exciting web tools. Secretly wants to build and fly his own airplane.


Kevin R.

Design Team Lead

Seattle born and raised, thinks that bad design is the root of all evil. Loves his bulldog named Chip.


Demitri G.

Development Team Lead

Thinks that life comes down to coding, fixing code, or staring at code waiting for it to fix itself. Coffee runs through his blood.

What We're Using

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